Famous Personalities



Some well-known personalities:

** Late Dina Sinari; freedom fighter
** Late Dr Sanvlo Keni, vice-chairman of the Kala Academy and theatre person
** Late Luis Rodrigues, Trumpeter/Musician
** Late Selwyn Pereira; musician
** Late Shyam Sinari; freedom fighter
** Late Silva; painter famed for painting churches, altars and statues
** Abhay Karande, State Carrom Champion
** Acacio Tavares; Founder of the popular band “Purple Rain”
** Adv. Aires Rodrigues, Lawyer, Social Activist
** Aleixinho Rodrigues; retired Banker (now lives in Toronto)
** António Bernardo Colaço; Justice of the Supreme Court of Justice of Portugal (retired)
** Baba Bhambre; Prof at Lyceum
** Diogo Fernandes (Danny of Ribandar), Tiatrist
** Domingos Pinto, ex-Councillor and Social Worker
** Eddie Fernandes: popular Goanetter and editor of Goan Voice-UK
** Francisco Martins; Goa's float king
** Inacio de Sa
** John Coutinho, Football player
** Messias Tavares: Goa’s premier event organizer
** Vaikunth Shetye; theatre personality
** Xavier D’Souza; international bodybuilder


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