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KILL CORRUPTION Echoes Ribandar Annual Serenade (Jan 01, 2011)

Raibondkars marched with pride with their annual “Novea Vorsachi (New Year) Serenade" heralding the beginning of the New Year 2011 with a message for the masses “KILL CORRUPTION”.  Although, India ranks much below (84th out of 180 countries in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index) on the global corruption map, Raibondkars want to pass the message that it is never too late to join in the battle to stop corruption at every level and every corner from the New Year 2011. 

The spiralling procession with over one and half thousand people marched through the streets of Ribandar late evening amid a colourful float parade, lanterns & lights and greetings of well-wishes for the New Year. The serenade began at around 9:30 pm embarking from the Ajuda Chapel, Fondvem towards Patto Square with lovely floats depicting a “Serpent” highlighting “Kill Corruption” theme. The people crowding the streets revelled in the huge Dinosaur, another enchanting float that seemed to have just landed from the outer space. The loud shrill from the Dinosaur created an aura of the extinct species and the huge monster float was a real treat to the eyes.

The Serenade missed the treble voice of Late Bernard Lobo, who was a regular at announcing the proceedings of the serenade.  His death few months back has indeed created a big vacuum at most of the cultural activities and especially at the New Years Serenade. The Serenade lovers also missed the services of Mr. Diogo Fernandes, who is in U.K. who also had earlier on umpteen occasions rendered his services for the announcements preceding the serenade and throughout the processions had greeted the people of Ribandar. This year the announcements were carried out by Mr. Luis Frois.

The serenade began with some countable few taping their feet to the ‘Galaxy’ band and picked up momentum as it wound its way towards Patto. The serenade came to a temporary halt at Patto Sqaure with the crowds joining in a frenzy of dancing hip-hop, freak dance, free-style disco and the ‘on-spot-innovating’ (yet-to-be-named/identified!!!!) dance styles taking some up to the compound wall tops, garage tops, balconies !!!!!!

Much appreciation goes to the superb efforts by the Serenade Committee and the helping hands that worked round the clock for the last few weeks and even on the eve of the New Year to get the Serenade rolling. Our Reporter from Ribandar who sent us this report, and Mr. Prakash Naik, the professional photographer from Ribandar, who sent us the lively photographs of the Serenade, were lucky to capture some still pictures of the Committee Members giving finishing touches to the deadly serpent.

Hats off to the Goa Police Department who offered best support and maintained the traffic up to the wee hours as the serenade pushed its way up to Sao Pedru and back to Ribandar.

The floats would be kept on display for some time next to Our Lady of Ajuda Chapel, Fondvem, with much pride and honour as per the annual tradition of Ribandar…

For more photos click http://www.ribandar.com/client/catdetails.php?ct=11

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