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Chintnam, Utram Ani Korneo Entertains

Ribandar Parishioners celebrated the feast of Nossa Senhora de Remedios (Our Lady of Remedy) on 5th February at the Patto Waddo - Nossa Senhora de Remedios chapel. Several devotees invoked the blessings of Mother Mary during the novenas and on the feast day. The concelebrants prayed for the parishioners especially the sick who throng to the chapel seeking her divine blessings and intercessory prayers for healing in their respective ailments.

Rehearsals in full swing....  

The annual drama Chintnam, Utram  ani Korneo by patto ward entertained with a simple story but spellbinding performances by a young budding group of artistes from Ribandar and neighbouring villages.  The story depicts a mother’s tryst to save her ailing daughter and the extent she goes to restore her life.


Rita and her husband try to give their daughter, Succorin - suffering from renal failure - the best of the medical facilities. When everything fails, the husband leaves the house leaving the sick daughter and their son, Desmond with his wife.  Later, Desmond is in love with a poor girl (Alisha). Alisha is worried as Desmond belongs to a well to do family, but settles down on his assurances and promises of marriage to only her. They are overwhelmed and amazed when they discover that Desmond's mother has accepted the relationship and the prospect of marriage too. Little do they realise that Rita's prejudice was involved in this acceptance. She wittingly connives with the surgeon doctor (Agnelo) and transplants the kidney of Alisha to her ailing daughter.  Alisha is kept unaware of the developments and Rita convinces her with the fake certificates and reports of  'no-harm-done-to-you'. Sucorrin recovers and goes ahead with her life only to find that at the crucial point of time in her life that she again needs a kidney replacement!  Struck with emotions again, each family member come forward to donate their kidneys but they find no match with the one who needs it the most. Alisha also urges that her kidney be transplanted, and here the secret spills out with the doctor informing her that she is unfit to undergo the transplant-operation on the basis of a lone remaining kidney.


The shock and emotional moments come to an end with forgiveness being sought by the desperate mother and criminal justice being preached against her by the sister of Alisha played by writer Carmen Fernandes.

The comedy side show had rib tickling moments by the next generation children of 'Lamani' Johney and Sandra, his wife both 'ganttiam',  along with Ejit, a Goenkar. Ejit elopes with the ghanttin Sandra leaving the kids Anvil, Aloyssius, Agnelo, Seby and Dane with Johney. Ejit is himself unemployed and is the mama of Alisha and Carmen, from main story. Ejit brings a transformation in Sandra as the tiatr proceeds. Also Johney slogs day and night and burns the night lamp oil to give good education to his kids. Johney gets richer and the kids grow into well-educated youth i.e Civil Engineer, Architect and Builder. In the end the kids give justice to the father as their mother returns home and Ejit is beaten black and blue for his deeds.

Many singers added spunk to the Vorsavollicho Wadeacho tiatr with songs on various topics. A song by Francis Cardozo (Cacai) remembering the erstwhile tiatrists of Patto, was well received and appreciated by the audience. Agnelo Lobo and Agnel de Zuari made their presence felt. Others included Domnic Cardozo, Andrew D'Souza, Joao Cardozo, Alisha and Agnelo Cardozo. A nostalgic evergreen songs konkani medley by Audrey, Valanca, Agnelo Lobo, Brian, entertained people to the hill. But it was the veteran Baban Colo who stole the show with his age-old song 'Fashion'.


We congratulate Carmen & Brian and all artistes for the entertaining show.

With report from our correspondent, and inputs from Semenca Rebello and still shots of the drama and the rehearsal by Prakash Naik.


Veteran Baban Colo who stole the show with his age-old song FASHION

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