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Annual Fondvem Tiatr

Written and directed by the famous versatile singer, composer, actor, set designer and now play director, Tony Baretto / Tony de Ribandar, "Osleo Sunom" the annual drama staged at the Infant Jesus Feast at Fondvem, received much appreciation by the audiences.
Tony de Ribandar singing the opening chorus 
The Opening Hymn, a unique presentation pulling the curtains open, draws crowds from all over Goa with their scenic biblical presentations on the life of Jesus Christ. As usual this year's hymn was divided into three parts with the first having the crowds thronging the streets in search of Jesus for the Good news. The second part had Jesus calming the storm over the Sea of Galilee and the third depicting "test of faith" with Jesus walking over water to save a drowning Peter and rebukes him for his faith.
The Opening Hymn, a unique presentation
The opening song was a historical lyrical flashback of the 109 years of the Fondvem Tiatr which was sung in parts by Aureo Miranda, Luis Santan D’Mello, Jacinto Conceicao, Ave D’Souza and Tony Barreto.
The central idea of the drama "Osleo Sunom" once again focused on family values and ever-changing relationships under the garb of greed, deceit, disappointments, etc.  An unusual depiction of the ever-evil daughter-in-law relationship, this play brings a refreshing thought change over the routine traditional depiction of this member in a family.
Santan, a widower, has two conditions for his two just married sons, Rs. 5000 house maintenance and a wish for un-divided family from his daughters-in-law.  While the two new brides do much to keep harmony in the house, a conniving daughter & son-in-law, residing temporarily with the father, craft evil plans to destroy the peace plotting each against the other creating a major rift between the brothers deciding to separate the house. 
The plot thickens with several distressing events taking place at the behest of the son-in-law now involved in drug peddling forcing a distraught Santan to leave the house. A revelation by the loyal house helper gets the erring son-in-law arrested for drug peddling and the two remorseful brothers calling for re-uniting the family forgetting all bygones. The wives refuse their husbands' call to be cordial with each other again. The climax of the drama is when Santan reveals that his daughters-in-law maintained their promise and in reality worked hard behind scenes to keep the house intact, maintained him in a rented apartment when he left the house, etc.  
Flashing a signed document from his daughter at the time of her marriage confirming receipt of a hefty dowry, the father-in-law now hands over legal documents dividing the property between the sons bringing peace and harmony to the house again. 
"Osleo Sunom" means good suno and who do good to one and all. 
Santan (Luis Santan D'Mello) played his role to perfection. Two sons played by Aureo Miranda and Henzil Cardozo were good. Famous female personalities, Rosy Alvares and Roma, played their characters well. Brazil and Comedian Joana rendered much comic support as house helpers. Princilla and Godfrey reveled in their evil characters.  Surprise cameo by Antonio Inacio Frois as a drug peddler was delightful.
Luis Santan D'Mello's song ‘You are my something-something’ in a mind-blowing red hot dress was superb while Brazil’s ‘Scarlet returns’ and Baba Maythan’s ‘Chinta re chinta chinta’ received very good applause from the crowd. Ciana was awarded the Mestiri Luis Vicente Trust prize for her song. Many other songs were noteworthy – more details in pictures.  A CD presentation will be available for circulation shortly.
With inputs and photographs from Austin Rodrigues. 

Mestiri Luis Vicente Trust

It is for the first time, a Trust is formed for the benefit of the Villagers of Ribandar under the name of “Mestiri Luis Vicente Trust”, in remembrance of late Mestiri Luis Vicente de Ribandar who headed the “Dha Zannacho Tiatr” for over 20 years. There is one award and two financial rewards to be given away by this trust as follows: 
1. Best Singer (Rs 5,000/-): This will be awarded annually to any upcoming best singer who makes his/her maiden appearance in the “Dha Zannacho Tiatr”. He/she should be less than Twenty years of age and should be a resident of Ribandar or at least one of his/her parent should be from Ribandar. It will be given on the same day just before the last scene of the tiatr as recommended by the Judges.  The Judges will be the senior members of Dha Zannacho Tiatr and nominated on the spot.
2. Scholarship (Rs 10,000/-): This will be given annually to any student from Ribandar who achieves the highest marks/grades in the 10TH standard Board Examination. To claim this reward, an attested copy of the Mark Sheet should be submitted at Vicente Pub, Ribandar, by August of every year.
3. Priesthood Studies (Rs 20,000/-): This will be given annually to any person aspiring to be a priest. While selecting the candidate first preference will be given to the native of Ribandar. Second preference will be for the relative of anyone who is a resident of Ribandar. In the absence of the preferences, it will be given to the Saligao Seminary.
The distribution of all the above will be held on the day of “Dha Zannacho Tiatr” every year which is held on the Monday following the third Sunday of New Year. It is on these two days the people of Ribandar celebrate the feast of Infant Jesus.
It is at the discretion of the Trustee to decide on the awards/rewards in case of any discrepancies.
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