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Yuletide Season At Ribandar

Ribandar community and Christmas Sharing
The week long Ribandar parishioners Christmas program include visits to Asilo (Home for the Aged) Chimbel, Convent of Jesus and Mary in Carambolim, Clergy Home in Porvorim and Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa) Maternity and Old Age Home in  Panjim.  The annual sector-wise visit to each facility at the yuletide season will be fun-filled community meetings to spread Christmas cheer and concluding with distribution of home-made traditional sweets to the inmates.

Ribandar Family Day
The Ribandar parish Family Day celebrations began early 26 Dec with a solemn mass at 7 am at Our Lady of Ajuda Church celebrated by the Couples for Christ (CFC) Group. The 14 sectors of Ribandar parish come together as one community to celebrate fellowship and partake in village level Christmas celebrations. The Family Day get-together will be held at Patto Holy Cross Chapel and Fondvem from 6.30 pm onwards on dec 27. A fun-filled program with sumptuous snacks and meals are on the main course. 

Meanwhile, the Portais community celebrated the family get-together on 26th Dec at the newly inaugurated Community Hall. The Dine and Dance event marked the family day celebrations at Portais.

A Spot Prize sponsored by www.ribandar.com was won by Shalin and Concy Barco for the query “What is the latest update on the www.ribandar.com website” during the Family Day - Dine and Dance Event at Portais. Many prizes have been listed for the Christmas celebrations in Ribandar. Watch this space for more details.

Feast of the Holy Innocents at Ribandar
Ribandar parish Children will celebrate Holy Innocents Feast on 28th December. Children’s Day celebration will begin with a solemn mass at Our Lady of Ajuda Church celebrated by parishioners of Ribandar.

Variety Program at Ribandar
The week long joyous Christmas celebration at Ribandar rise to highest pitch of excitement with the 14 parish sectors teaming together to present a colourful entertainment “Variety Program” composed of Christmas carols, skits, songs, comedy skits, dances and other items. The program will be held on Dec 29 at Ajuda Convent open ground, Fondvem from 6.30 pm onwards. All are invited.

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