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A Home For Infant Jesus (The Bethlehem Crib)

Ribandar parishioners annually team together to put up spectacular waddo-level crib presentations in Patto, Fondvem and Portais. 

Patto waddo has made it their tradition to create magnificent structures over the years excelling in their crib presentation that has won them many accolades in the past. Many travellers stop at the Patto Square to catch a glimpse of the original Bethlehem crib at the birth of the Holy Infant, with Mary and Joseph looking upon him adoringly surrounded by the shepherds who first heard the message from God’s heavenly angels. The presentation also depicts the visit of the three Magis with kingly gifts for the newly born prince who would rule the world until the end of the time.

In addition to the crib the Santa was spotted at different locations. Santa Claus is loved around the world by many children and even some adults.

For more photos by professional photgrapher from Ribandar, Mr. Prakash Naik,  click http://www.ribandar.com/client/catdetails.php?ct=10

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