Newton DSouza

What made you enter the tiatr industry?
I was always fascinated by tiatrs and as a child I would attend tiatrs by Prince Jacob and Roseferns. I would imagine myself acting alongside with these towering personalities, and this perhaps triggered my inner talents.

In school, I would be invariably be engaged in dramatics, elocution and in singing. My hero was Alfred Rose and I would sing all his compositions. But it was when Fr Mendes came to Ribandar as the parish priest and started the parish Youth group that I got into acting. He would write small skits and in one such skit he asked me to play the lead role. Seeing my talent Diego Fernandes, the director of the Dramatic Troupe of Ribandar for the Kala Academy tiatr competition asked me to join their group. I won the first prize in the duet singing along with Rosalia Fernandes. From then there was no looking back and I ultimately joined Prince Jacob’s group as well.

How were you cast in ‘Padre’?

I played the lead role. It was a big break and later after 115 shows the play was also made into a movie.

Did it require special training?

Not really, but however I would go to mass and observe every detail. So much so when the tiatr was first staged, many priests had come to watch it, they were amazed at my acting and said that definitely I must have been at some seminary earlier in life. Later, I also played the lead role in ‘Goencho Sahib’.

You have featured in many VCDs.

I may have featured in at least 5-6 VCD’s till date. My first VCD was Araujo’s ‘Dol Mhojea Bhai’, then the next was Soccoro St Cruz’s ‘Amka Election Naka’, then Elvis and Carmen’s ‘Dhorvonto’, the next was Sammy Fernandes’ ‘Sojea’, and then Andrew Fernandes’s ‘Mhojea Gao’.

You are also a musician.

I played the keyboards and guitar for a band called Dazzlers from 1995-2000. We were a 3-man band and that perhaps gave me the insight to host weddings as well.

What do you offer as an event manager?

As an event manager, I host weddings, conferences, birthday parties and the like. For weddings, I arrange the band, the photography/videography, church décor, choir, DJ’s, etc. For other events I arrange the mascots, the face painters, belly dancers, balloon sculpting, African acrobats, clown, Bollywood dancers and the like. I also emcee and at times I do so with another colleague Sandra D’Cunha to provide something unique and interesting to the gathering.

Published on: November 14, 2010 – Navhind Times/Panorama


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